Video Game Night

March 16, 2018

On March 16, 2018, the Gaming Club hosted a gaming night for all accepted freshman. They had pizza, soda, and of course, video games. I first heard about the idea of a video game night all the way back in February, on my shadow day. I thought it would be awesome, and it was. The night lasted for 4 hours and video games were set up in four or five different rooms. At game night was Mateo, a kid I met a month earlier at a new student reception event. He's nice.

The pizza was very good, the soda was soda.

I played Mario Kart 8, Rocket League (PS4), and Super Smash Bros. (Wii U). At that time, I had played Mario Kart, but not 8. It plays like any Mario Kart would. I got Rocket Leauge as a Christmas gift in 2017, and I enjoyed it. Smash? Never played that before, and have only played a few times since. I'm really bad.

I won both Rocket League games (2v2), the first 8-3 against Mateo and someone else, and the second game was stopped a minute and a half in when we were up 5-0 against members of the gaming club.

Smash: last place every single time. What did you expect? I've never played ti and I just kept mashing the buttons on the controller.

In Mario Kart, I did fairly well, averaging like 8th place every race, except one race where I was against the supervisor of the gaming club and Mr. Smith, the Director of Admissions, aka the dude that thought it was a good idea to accept me into the Class of 2022. I got in like 2nd place against those two. Mr. Smith thought it was good to get in 9th and somehow bent his thumb while playing.