Shadow Day

February 15, 2018

This story was originally written on February 17, 2018 as part of the site's first conversion to HTML. The story was moved to this page as part of the 1000 day celebration on September 8, 2020. This is exactly detailed to the time. It's kind of uncomfortable, but whatever.

Every year, as part of the Saint John's admissions process, they invite 8th grade students to come visit the school for a normal day of classes. They assign you to a freshman, who you follow around on their schedule, and gives the class someone new to meet. I enjoyed the kid I shadowed, Jack.

I wrote this intro paragraph because the original story was from a much larger pre-high school story covering the whole admissions process.

We start at 6:37 am, when I woke up, I spend about 10 minutes getting the shirt, pants, and belt on. Then I head downstairs, get my tie tied, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, get my cool new jacket on, and at 7:20 am, leave for Saint John's.

We arrive at 7:55 am, 5 minutes early. I wait in the waiting area with all the other shadows until my person that I shadowed, Jack, showed up. We walked and talked the entire way up to his homeroom, Room 205.

On the way up, I meet some of Jack's friends, one of them is in the same homeroom as the one kid from my middle school who got into the Class of 2021 there, and he goes and gets him.

Homeroom started at 8:05 am and we were in Room 205 in Conal Hall. Homeroom was when we prayed, did the Pledge of Allegiance, and listened to announcements.

First block, I had English, also in Room 205. That started at 8:24 am and went until 9:13 am. They were just starting to read the play version of Romeo and Juliet.

Next, I had French, in Founders Hall, the newest building, built in 2015. We were in Room 404, which actually existed. That room would be very appropriate to be a tech room. That class ran from 9:17 am to 10:06 am. They were finishing up a movie that was in French, luckily with English subtitles. I liked that class.

After that, I had Theater Arts, in the Black Box Theater, in the Ryken Center. That lasted from 10:10 am to 10:59 am. They took a test in that class and I barely knew a thing on that test.

Next was lunch, from 11:03 am to 11:23 am (I did not learn this until fall 2018.). For lunch, I got a free meatball sub, which was very good, as well as a soda.

Then I had Religious Studies, in Room 109 in Conal Hall. Religious Studies went from 11:27 am (I did not know this until fall 2018.) to 12:32 pm. Jack called it long block. The teacher was very funny and the class wasn't as boring as I initally thought it would be.

After Religious Studies, we were back to having classes with the regular 49 minute duration. Beginning at 12:36 pm and ending at 1:25 pm was World History, located in Conal Hall, Room 102. We took a quiz on something about Rome, before starting a documentary about the final years of Julius Ceasar.

Then it was time for last block.

For last block, I had Biology, in Conal Hall, Room 104. The class went from 1:29 pm to dismissal at 2:18 pm. We started watching some talk about the brain or something like that and then went on to some diagrams to see if people were affected with something.

At 2:17 pm, the kid next to me in Biology said "One more minute, one more minute". When the final bell rang, we all stood up and walked out of the classroom.

Compare this to middle school, when they dismiss busses, we all run straight down the hall to get out quickly like there is a raging fire behind us.

Then I went home. It was a fun day.

Holy f--k this is detailed.

Update, November 25, 2020: Me and Jack are both P-Cubed leaders now. Jack is in his senior year of high school now, and is an amazing person to work with as a leader. This day in 2018 has not been brought up yet.