Intro of Myself - Religion Class

September 6, 2018

Hello, my name is Ben Chase. I like computer programming and most other things computer-related. Coming to Saint John’s, I had left all my friends behind as they went on to other schools, so I know very little people at Saint John’s. Since I know very little people, a goal of mine throughout the year is to meet as many people as I can through clubs and other after-school activities. Another goal of mine is that I hope that I’m not leaving school every day at 2:20 or 2:30 in the afternoon. I also hope to stay organized throughout the year, as that has proved very difficult for me in the last few years. I also hope to get good grades throughout all my classes and, if necessary, stay after school to get some extra help. Lastly, I hope that my four years at Saint John’s are fun and enjoying.