Preview Day 2019

May 22, 2019

It's May 31, 2017, the day of Preview Day 2017, or the day I discovered Saint John's.

Fast forward almost two years. It's May 16, 2019. I step into the Admissions office and ask if they need help with Preview Day, and I sign up to be a door greeter / holder.

Jump ahead another week, and it's May 22. I'm standing in the school Chapel with everyone else. There were 9 greeters spread around the school campus. I was assigned the door of the building I'm actually writing in, which was early on in the tour route.

It's me and the only other freshman (just happens to be the son of the Admissions lady, some of the nicest people I've ever met). We were there for about an hour before the tours started, and about an hour through the tours.

Throughout those two hours we were told things like "it was the best job ever" and "we can get used to this". The headmaster told us, as a joke, that the stone building was "an Olive Garden on campus". He's a funny guy.

After that hour, we moved over to the cafeteria where we hung out with some more greeters and talked. The other dude from Admissions told us two things that happened last year:

1. At the end of one tour, the guide took a phone call while saying "go through the door"
2. A tour guide brought the group through the school locker rooms, which were most likely being used at the time. Note: Women do go on these tours (mothers and siblings).