Pep Rally 2018

September 28, 2018

First of all, I'm writing this over one year after the event, so please forgive my memory.

This pep rally was awesome (better than the 2019 one).

The rally was led by my future friend Mike. He did a very good job hyping us all up. I gotta admit it's probably hard hyping up 900 people.

The story started probably a week earlier, where in homeroom, we were asked if we wanted to do any of the events. I didn't sign up for any. It's not something I'm into.

It was fun though. I got to watch all of my classmates do some silly competitions. The only one I remember was a pie eating one.

At the end, Mike had his "inauguration" as the "Sensei" (person who hypes students up), where we all got to scream and shout and just overall be even more hyped. We all ran into the middle of the school gym and get trampled over each other.

Good times.