P-Cubed Leadership: Year 2

September 2019 - April 2020

This is my second year of being a leader. At this point, I have already set the records for being the youngest and longest-serving member of the student leadership team at Saint John's.

Back in April 2019, I wrote this speech, which I never gave, and in that speech, I write: "I don't know what next year's seniors would be like, or the year after's." I had known two people in the class of 2020 at this point, and one in the class of 2021. I was genuinely scared because I thought I might lose the reputation I had built up freshman year.

When I spoke at the September 2019 P-Cubed on September 26, I was genuinely surprised when I was a part of the leadership team, after saying that I was an "unofficial leader".

The year progressed great, and in November, I filmed this video, where I gained 20 subscribers (which dropped, and raised again). I had wrote an article for the school newspaper as well. In January I filmed part of another video during that P-Cubed on January 16.

I was at the February P-Cubed in spirit. Oscar gave a speech that time.

On April 30, we held a virtual P-Cubed on Zoom, and we got a good turnout of about 35 (including 4 or 5 staff members, which is great! I love to see staff involved in the activities.) We had hoped for a May P-Cubed but that didn't happen.

I'm a bit nervous for the class of 2021 leaders, but everything will hopefully be fine.

On to year three!