"My Life as a P-Cubed Leader"

November 12, 2019

"My Life as a P-Cubed Leader" is an article I wrote for the school's newspaper (do other schools even have these anymore?). It is based on the fact that I am currently in my second year of being a P-Cubed leader.

This was the first article I wrote for the paper. I had heard about the club from my religion teacher this year, who is one of the club moderators. I received great feedback from both students and teachers.

I highly recommend writing for a school newspaper.

December 9, 2019 - The article has been published! Nothing was changed at all (not even the next P-Cubed day, December 12 (moved from the 5th)). I got good feedback from my friends. Hopefully I'll write another article in the future, not sure what to do it on though. This article made the front page of the paper. I don't know how that decision was made.

I have included the article here:

My Life as a P-Cubed Leader
Ben Chase ‘22

For anyone who has been to a P-Cubed, either this year or last year, you probably know about me. I’m one of the P-Cubed leaders. P-Cubed is an event that has changed my life. I came to Saint John’s as a freshman from the quiet town of [redacted]. I wasn’t friends with anyone here, so it was hard finding people to hang out with at lunch and after school. When I went to my first P-Cubed in October 2018, I had found an event that I could attend, and build friendships from. Throughout my freshman year, I became friends with some of the juniors and seniors from P-Cubed. I had become an inspiration to many, and the first ever freshman leader.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I decided to go on the trip to Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, and participate in a similar event there with students from a few of our brother schools. On the trip back is when I thought about giving my first speech. The following P-Cubed I gave the speech. In the February P-Cubed, I learned how much support the students here give to each other. That was the first time I met the leaders of last year. I gave another speech the next time around, and that’s when I started gaining confidence in myself. By the next P-Cubed, I had become a leader.

Those same leadership qualities from last year have made their way into this year. Our last P-Cubed on October 31 had the theme of “Fears and Stresses”. In every P-Cubed, we start by gathering in the Chapel at 5:00, and have an opening prayer, written by one of the leaders, we sing a song, and another leader shares their own experience with the theme. We break up into small groups of about eight, including leaders. We have questions to help guide the conversation, but the conversation often goes away from the topic, which is perfectly fine. We meet back in the chapel, sing our closing song, which is “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher, and we have the closing speech, which has become a tradition for me to give this speech. After my speech, we open it up to any student who wants to share their experiences with P-Cubed, or really anything. We head up to Campus Ministry after and have a fun social time while eating delicious pizza.

If you or anyone you know is interested, feel free to stop by Campus Ministry for some more information. Our next P-Cubed is currently scheduled for Thursday, December 5. The event is two hours long and costs $5 to attend, to cover the cost of pizza.