P-Cubed Speech

September 26, 2019

Hello there! This is our first P-Cubed of the year. I’d like to introduce myself to all of you. I am Ben Chase, a sophomore here, and a fair chunk of you probably know me or have at least heard that I exist. Last year, I had given similar talks like this, and I had gotten to know last year’s seniors, and become good friends with them. A couple weeks ago, I was called “one of last year’s leaders”. This year, I call myself an “unofficial leader” since of all I did last year, and will continue to do this year.

I found out about P-Cubed at the Freshman Activities Fair, where Mr. [redacted], my religion teacher at the time, now a good friend of mine, had asked me to go try it. I didn’t know what to expect. At that time, I didn’t really know anyone else at the school. I might have had one or two friends.

I grabbed some pizza, sat down, grabbed some more pizza, sat back down, and then something happened that changed my entire life. There was this group of juniors, at the time, sitting at the table next to me. They had noticed me, all alone, and invited me over to their table. It was the first time I had ever been included in a group that I didn’t know, and they didn’t know me. Once that had happened, I decided P-Cubed was a good idea. During the small group section of it, I didn’t really talk, because I was fairly nervous, but by the next month I had started to share things about my life.

About halfway through the year, there was a P-Cubed about a topic, and it had triggered my emotions. I was trying hard to hide it, because I had thought that it was an embarrassment, but a couple of the seniors, now graduated, took me into the hall, and we just talked about things. It was great.

My relationships with the seniors had grown by the next P-Cubed, which is when I started giving these talks. I received a lot of support from them, and they wanted me to continue these talks, to the point where people expected me to do one, but they wouldn’t care if I didn’t.

These talks have boosted my self-confidence, and without them, I would be the shy kid that hung out at the library with a few friends.

Campus Ministry has changed my life, and what I do while at Saint John’s. I’ve done the weekly service trips, Service Day in May, and for this year, am planning to go on the Global Encounter trips.

Towards the end of the year, I had finally gained the confidence to share my YouTube channel with my friends, I have 70 subscribers by the way. I’ve got support by my friends for that as well. I have been making YouTube videos for nearly six years now, and I’ve loved every year of it.

Now that a brand new year has started, we have brand new senior leaders, and if you count it, me as a leader. I hope, as long as the new seniors let me, to give more of these talks. I have a whole new group of people to meet and become friends with.

If there are any freshmen, or anyone, out there who’s like me, I’m here to be someone you can talk to, and possibly call your friend. I was a nobody back in middle school, bullied, and trapped in the paradise of the popular kids of middle school. Those were the kids that got C’s and D’s in middle school. I’m still the odd kid here at Saint John’s though, but I’m not hated by anyone for being that way.

If there is any freshmen or transfers that are the only one from their town, or school, that came to Saint John’s, and you don’t know anyone, the best way to make friends is to come to things like P-Cubed, and do some fun clubs.

If you want my phone number, for whatever reason, feel free to get it from me. You’ll be free to ask me whatever you want, like help for Math, how to get a girlfriend (oh wait), or if you’re just bored. Just remember that I, just like you, have a life and won’t respond immediately after you text me, because either a - I’m doing homework, or b - I’m asleep

Feel free to come up to me in the hallways, or even tonight, to talk to me. I don’t actually have a Resource period this semester, but I’m on campus most afternoons until 3:30 – 4:00.

Some tips from me:

Number 1. There are many more role models here than just the sports kids or the seniors.
Number 2. Biology is hard, we’ve all done it.
Number 3. The Odyssey is a hard book, you may fail the tests.
Number 4. Don’t stress about finals until the middle of May.
Number 5. Make friends, even with those that aren’t in your classes or grade level.
Number 6. You don’t need to make the sports team you wanted, there are plenty of other great activities here at Saint John’s, but if you did make the team, congratulations.
Number 7. Don’t be jealous of anyone because they did something that you thought would be cool. Go out and try to accomplish that same thing, or do something else, like I did with giving these talks.
Finally, Number 8. Have fun, enjoy high school.

I hope you keep on coming to P-Cubed, whether this is your first one or not. It’ll be a great year at P-Cubed. Feel free to ask more people to come if you think they’ll enjoy it. Everyone here is welcomed, and it’s great to have the extra people for new stories to go around. And remember, everything that happens at P-Cubed, stays at P-Cubed.