Weekday Open House 2019

October 22, 2019

Oh boy, another open house. I got quite bored holding doors, so naturally, I tried not to be holding doors.

This open house did not start on a cold morning, but a nice afternoon in October. I was assigned to hold another door, but this time in the back of the school, for people to enter from the parking lot (remember?). My door-holding partner this time was Ryan, a freshman. He was nice.

Since families were entering from the parking lot, and not using that door during the duration of the open house, we were done after an hour (30 minutes after open house began, since we showed up 30 minutes prior to start time). During that hour, it rained, and I also got to see a van parked on the grass. Next to empty parking spots. This is what happens when you work at an event at a private school. It was too late for me to stop them, as I did not see them come out of the van or go back in the van.

The rest of the night, I walked around the building, helping people out, and showing the chapel (since no one else wanted to).

It never stopped raining. I have no clue what happened to the people with the van.