Open House

September 28, 2019

My next major event to be at was the September Open House. This was a very last minute decision by me, and I was told by the vice principal to "show up at 8" (on September 28).

8 am rolls around, and I'm at the school. It's a cold fall morning, and I'm asked to stand outside and hold a door (sound familiar?) with another kid in my grade, Josh. (I have heard about Josh previously, by a former classmate, who is worthy of his own story.) Josh was a nice person, and great to hold a door with for three hours.

Over the course of the morning, I got to see some nice people walk in and out of the buildings (by this time, it was not cold).

Yeah, it's me holding a door for three hours. Not much here. At least I got a map of the school (since been tossed, not by me.)