Open House

March 4, 2020

This is the third open house of the 2019-20 school year, and an interesting one. Saint John's doesn't usually do a winter open house, mainly because acceptances had already gone out (for the class of 2024 this year). However, somebody decided to do another one, and there was a fairly good crowd.

I wasn't planning on helping out at this one. I had a math meet earlier that afternoon, and luckily made it back to school in time to help out. I walked up to Campus Ministry before the open house started and asked if they needed help. Help was needed.

I took a brief trip next door where some of the clubs were being schowcased. One of them was the school newspaper. I wrote for them in November, and there as my article on the latest edition of the paper, for parents and prospective students to see.

I went back over to Campus Ministry, where it was just me and the Campus Ministry director for the entire two hour open house. The two of us were able to answer every question we got asked, and I did a great job at explaining Campus Ministry to new families. (It's a very tough department to understand. Many new students have no clue what we do. It's not like the Math department, which just has to explain when kids take caluclus or geometry, and how to not take geometry.)

In addition to me and the Campus Ministry director, there was a slideshow playing on loop on the projector screen. The slideshow had quite a lot of photos from various Campus Ministry events over the years.