Compassion (The Fourth Miracle)

December 20, 2019

Every year, my school has an award ceremony to recognize five students that are living examples of different values, and compassion is one of those. Most years, all five awards are given to seniors, as they have been at Saint John's the longest, and had the chance to make a name for themselves.

In December 2019, I was in my second year of being a P-Cubed leader. On December 4, nomination forms for the awards were distributed. Any student can nominate another student for the awards.

On December 9, I had nominated Oscar for the compassion award. He has been a great supporter of my actions throughout 2019. (Spring, November)

On December 10, Oscar had nominated me for the same award. At this point in time, I knew that he was very smart in English class, but damn, I did not expect him to write a nomination so eloquently*.

On December 20, I won the damn award. Oscar's writing style was mentioned while the staff member (who I am good friends with) gave a background on me. It was a good background. Too good that my parents (who were at the service) could not recognize that it was me. This comes at no surprise considering that my mother can't even remember my phone number.

I look at the award every time I write a story for this website. (Of course you do, it's beacuse your mother put the award on the wall by your desk.)

*"Eloquently" is the most intelligent word I have put on this website since inception in December 2017. Oh, I did it with another word, "inception".

Does this feel like a timeline? If so, get in touch, and I'll listen to you.