The Third Miracle

Spring 2019

Warning: This is a multi-month split up story of multiple stories.

February 7, 2019
Wait hold on, didn't another thing happen this day? hmm........ Not relevant to this at all. My favorite time of the month has come again. I get to hang with friends and other Saint John's students. P-Cubed is a monthly gathering like no other. Each monthly gathering has its own theme, this time it was relationships. This triggered some emotion in me, since I have never had a girlfriend. But Ben, didn't this happen. Shut up. (That was some crazy girl at a middle school dance, doesn't count.) After a talk, I met my first two seniors. There was supposed to be a dance the next day and we talked for like ten minutes. I walked into a small group, and everyone was supportive.

March 21, 2019
P-Cubed again. This time the theme was priorities. I give a talk, winging it, about priorities in my life and how they affected me. I meet more seniors, count goes from 2 to 7. I was asked to write it down and finish it the next day, which I did. It's on the website here for you to read.

April 4, 2019
Back at P-Cubed, with a theme of "you" this time around. When I first learned about this one, I did not understand it at all. It took me until the first talk was over to fully grasp it. They now expect me to do this talk. I'm not committed to do it, but they wouldn't care if I didn't. I got a nice hug after that one.

May 2, 2019
It's the last P-Cubed of the school year, with the theme of thanking the senior leaders, which graduated on May 19. I didn't give the speech. Gave it to Mr. Paul, he read it, we discussed it after like a week of waiting on May 20. You can read it online here. It's a long one. Printed out, it is four pages long.