The Second Miracle

March 11, 2019

It happened again. I got another kid to shadow me at Saint John's.

I'm in homeroom on March 8. She walks in, like she does everyday with a smile on her face, and calls my name. It was 8:i-didnt-look-at-the-clock am and I'm fully awake. I'm aware that I may have a math test (which was moved) and sign the paper.

Once Monday morning comes, I'm ready and I'm there before Amith (the kid's name). I go to homeroom and check in with Tony and tell him "I'm gonna get the...I'm not gonna repeat that line again". That line was "I'm gonna go get the kid" which I said before getting Max. I had Amith for the entire day this time around, since I had no tests.

In English we took notes on verbals after a five minute vocab quiz.

With Max I didn't have resource, it cycled out. This time, I had resource, so I gave Amith a short tour. I took him to Campus Ministry, where they do morning prayer during 2nd period and also we ran into the 2 seniors I knew at the time, both named Mike. They are very nice people and I might actually write a seperate story on how we met. We continued the tour in the Academic Center, which is where one can get tutoring, make up a test, or do homework. I then took him to the Engineering Makerspace, which opened in the fall of 2017, that's a place where the Robotics Team meets, students can 3D print stuff, and more. I took him to the Library and introduced him to more friends and we stayed there for the rest of the period.

I then took him to religion class, with Mr. Paul. I forgot what we did. Knowing Mr. Paul, we probably did something fun.

At lunch, I had pasta again. I was much more confident going through the lunch line, as I had already done it before.

I walked into math class and introduced Amith to Mr. G, who knows Amith's older brother, who transferred to a much better school for juniors and seniors. He wasn't that bad at Algebra 2.

In French, I didn't teach him a new word, but he was fine. He, like Max, takes Spanish in middle school, and plans to continue here.

In biology, we were in the lab that day. I liked that, but the lab was something microscope-related, which was very hard.

After the day had ended, I walked back to the admissions office with him and we split. The admissions lady, during the drop off, said that I was "very enthusiastic and a great host".

Update, November 25, 2020: Amith is a f--king genius. He was in pre-calculus as a freshman, and is taking Java 2 in his sophomore year. I haven't compared our heights yet.