The First Miracle

February 7, 2019

By luck, I managed to get a kid shadowing me at Saint John's. Our story (like always) starts way before the actual event. We start on October 24, 2018, where the admissions lady comes into my homeroom, and every other freshman homeroom and tells us about shadow hosting. She handed each interested student a form to fill out. I was one of them. The form had me filling out information such as my hometown, middle school, current grades, and interests.

On November 15, I turned in the completed form, and then I got wating and waiting until I got a shadow. On November 29, I had to go to a 30 minute long training session, where they discussed the rules and guidelines to hosting.

The first of the shadows (will now be referred to as guests) arrived on December 3. Begin waiting period.

On February 6, at 8:07 am, the admissions lady comes in and calls my name. Note that I am half asleep at the time and don't initially hear her. A couple friends in my homeroom repeat her and I hear it that time. She said that I would be hosting a guest the following day, I was thrilled. I sign the papers, not realizing that I had two tests the following day. I ask Oscar, who sat behind me, to pinch me to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't. I, obviously, tell some people and, of course, my parents. I had to be at the admissions office all ready for the day by 8:00 am.

The next morning came, I was up at 6:20 am, and left the house at 7:10. I got to school around 7:45, got ready for the day, and was at admissions at 7:50. Me and the admissions lady talk about the two tests I have and my plans for what I am going to do with my guest, Max, during those classes. I decide to give him to Jackson (not the one who created Fork with me), who would be in history, and Brody, yes the one and the only Brody, who would be in math (Algebra I). Max shows up at admissions at 7:55 and we walk to homeroom together. Jackson tells me he has a quiz, and he trades with Phineas, who was in guitar. I introduce him to my homeroom teacher and we then take a walk to Campus Ministry. I think Max liked Campus Ministry, but I couldn't tell. We talked about the Math Team until announcements came on. We did the prayer and Pledge of Allgeiance. After I told Max that he didn't need to know the prayer just yet.

We left for religion, which was right down the hall. Max sat right behind me for the entire class. I call Phineas over to take Max, and they head on out to guitar class.

Fast forward through my Algebra II test......

I meet Max and Phineas outside the back of Founders Hall and I take Max to French class. He learned one word in that class (hey I taught him something), l'été, which means summer. We went to lunch and I got a pasta and Max got a burger. Max got a free lunch, while I had to pay $6, with a free brownie. This was my first time buying lunch and it was fairly good. We went off to biology for long block. I saved this fact for now, but Max's dad is actually a biology teacher at the school, but not the one I have now, but the one I shadowed in. We did this annoying assignment with karyotypes, and we had to match the chromosomes.

After that was history, where we watched a video, I had to take notes on it. The video had some inappropriate scenes, but this is high school.

I called Brody over to take Max to his Algebra I class.

Fast forward through my English test......

I walk down the hall to meet Brody and Max after their math class. Max said that somebody copied off him and somebody else copied off of them. I walked Max back to admissions and the admissions lady asked us how the day went.

Max: "Good."
Me: "Great!"

And then we went our own ways.

The End.