Freshman Retreat

October 22, 2018

With it being March 2020 when I write this, I don't remember too much about the entire day, but just enough to write a short story. I think I might have only remembered lunch.....

For any Saint John's student, the Freshman Retreat is the first retreat experience they will get. The retreat, taken in the fall, is mandatory for all freshmen and lasts the entire school day, 8:00 am to 2:15 pm. Each student goes with their freshman religion class.

My Freshman Retreat was on Monday, October 22, 2018. My religion class (also homeroom) and another one traveled to a church in Leominster, Massachusetts. Just like everything at Saint John's, we start with prayer, and then listen to a senior leader give a talk (i forgot what it was about). We broke into small groups, my leader being my (future) friend Mike (who has been mentioned in a few other stories). I remember saying something about getting involved in clubs, which was highly encouraged and led to a great result.

I had a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch and sat next to my (future) friend Oscar (we were just getting to know each other). We went outside to get some fresh air, play some games, etc.

More talks by senior leaders (these were boring back then), then we went back to the school and sat in the cafeteria until the final bell.

Yikes I remembered nothing. Well it has been 17 months.