Freshman Leadership

July 2018

Between July 9 and July 13, I did Freshman Leadership, a summer class between 12:30 and 3:30pm which was recommended for all incoming freshman, but about 60 kids did it thorughout the three sessions. Freshman Leadership is run by the Campus Ministry team. The guy running the porgram was a former Campus Minister who left Saint John's that summer and moved to Detroit to become a SoundCloud rapper. (No joke, this is true.) Also there was the former Director of Campus Ministry, who left in summer 2019 to move to Maryland.

On Monday (July 9), we took a tour of the campus after watching some movie clips about leadership. I met my friend Brody here. (As I update this in 2021, Brody is siting right behind me. He doesn't know I'm doing this now.)

On Tuesday, we took a trip to Ultimate Obstacles in West Boylston. I had fun there. They have one of those walls you can run up. I went on the smallest one, and could barely make it up. After plenty of failed attempts, I made it up once.

On Wednesday, we did community service (aka 2 hours of pulling weeds) in the Great Brook Valley of Worcester. Great Brook Valley is the poorest part of Worcester, and it's basically a large neighborhood of government housing. I don't know if they take volunteers to help out, but if they do, everyone living in the area should help out. It will change your look on less fortunate communities.

On Thursday, we went to Central Rock Gym (also in Worcester) after meeting the founder of Central Rock Gym which has 15 locations around the Northeast. This is an indoor rock climbing place, perfect for Ben who doesn't like heights. I probably made it 10 feet up before the fear kicked in and I went down.

On Friday, two incoming sophomores (one was the kid I shadowed back in February and the other works at Central Rock Gym) and two incoming seniors (classes of 2019 and 2021) came and answered some questions we had about the school. After that we watched the movie Invictus, which is about the South African rugby team in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.