Concordia: From the Editor

July 23, 2021

Between June 24, 2021 and July 23, 2021, I served as the editor of Concordia, the official newsletter of the Saint John's Summer Programs. Every week I wrote a short reflection to all the readers of the newsletter. I have added these reflections to this website.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity this summer! For the past four weeks, all the participants, teachers, and volunteers have been excited and enthusiastic about coming to Saint John’s every day that they could.

From what I saw, students were having fun and learning at the same time, and our upperclassmen tutors were always ready to help if anyone was struggling. That’s the Saint John’s way.

Students, your teachers have shown you the expectations of a Saint John’s student. You are ready for whatever comes your way this fall. Most of you have now completed and discussed the assigned summer reading book, and are ready to discuss it and be tested on it with your English class this fall. I look forward to seeing you around campus this fall.

Parents, your son is ready for whatever comes his way at Saint John’s. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with every teacher that taught this summer, and they were very helpful this summer and were well prepared to help your son adjust to Saint John’s from whatever school they attended previously.

Teachers and volunteers, thank you so much for your hard work! Educating students at the beginning of the summer break is not easy (and not enjoyable, according to some students). Our upperclassmen volunteers helped around in all sorts of ways, and I know most of these students are helpful to the Saint John’s community year-round, and are excellent role models for our incoming students.