Concordia: From the Editor

July 2, 2021

Between June 24, 2021 and July 23, 2021, I served as the editor of Concordia, the official newsletter of the Saint John's Summer Programs. Every week I wrote a short reflection to all the readers of the newsletter. I have added these reflections to this website.

It has been an exciting week here on the Saint John’s campus! Even with the heat, everyone here still enjoyed the outdoor time that they get during the day. The feedback forms handed out earlier this week reflected this enjoyment from the students.

As we were going through those forms yesterday and today, we witnessed loads of exciting and interesting comments made by the students. Students enjoyed the break time outside, especially spikeball. They even suggested that future students get to spend more time outdoors. I also couldn’t complete this short letter without mentioning the students’ love for Mrs. Provost and her Scottish accent! They enjoyed it so much that an overwhelming majority of the feedback received from the Pre-7th classes mentioned her Scottish (spelled as “Scotish” or “Scootish”) accent.

For our students that are leaving the Summer Programs after today, thank you for coming! I hope that you had a great time in your 1 or 2-week program. I’ve spoken with all of the teachers, and they had a great time with all of the students that they taught.

Since there are limited programs occurring next week, the Concordia newsletter will be taking a week off. We look forward to seeing the students back on Monday, July 12!