June 21, 2018

Finally, the end of 8th grade and the torture of middle school had come. My time dealing with both "The Invisible Ben" and "Secret Club" (stories for the future) was over. I was off to Saint John's in August.

The day started at 8:00 with us getting free donuts (i had like 3 or 4 ok) and everyone taking pictures. I managed to get one with Gabby (duh it's like i have a crush on her or something how do i add pictures i figured it out).

We walked into the middle school gym and everyone's parents were there as well as public access tv filming it (more on this at the end). All the entitled kids give "speeches" (not to my P-Cubed level).

They called everyone's names alphabetically to give us a certificate.

And around 10:00 I walked out of that school. I haven't been in there ever since.

The thing with public access tv:

I checked the recording of the event, and what they did is they cut me out. The order it actually happened in was "Aiden Chase, Ben Chase, Adam ****". In the recording it's "Aiden Chase, Adam ****, i forgot who was after Adam".