The Sweet 16

November 1, 2019

For those who don't know what a "Sweet 16" is, it is a party held by teenage girls around their 16th birthday. A Sweet 16 usually is held in a small function hall (this one at a golf course clubhouse), and includes food, drinks (non-alcoholic), and a dance floor. I was invited to one. I was with my brother, so confidence took a hit.

The party ran from 7:00 to 11:00 pm on a Friday night (and don't worry - it had chaperones).

Dinner included chicken fingers, pasta, and (i forgot). It was good. I had a bit to much caffeine though as it was nearly endless soda.

At 8:12 pm though, I started texting Oscar for help. (the message just says "help")

I have the entire conversation archived. (Oscar - if you want this taken down, just message me.)

Ben, 8:12 pm: help
Oscar, 8:43 pm: Okie dokie
B, 8:44: I got invited to a sweet 16
B, 8:44: there are probably more girls than boys
B, 8:44: I don't know what to do
O, 8:44: Advice time
O, 8:45: Confidence
O, 8:45: Biggest thing by far
O, 8:45: #2
O, 8:45: Have a personality
O, 8:46: Don't just be a brick wall
O, 8:46: Even if people don't get what you're into, it's way better to be interested in something people don't get than absolutely nothing
(The above is one of my favorite quotes from Oscar.)
B, 8:46: thanks buddy
B, 8:47: but the only interesting thing about me is that I'm a p cubed leader
O, 8:47: You have absolutely no hobbies or passions?
B, 8:47: not really
O, 8:48: Incorrect
B, 8:48: I'm on the math team there is nothing more boring than that
O, 8:48: You have volunteering, personal development, group leadership, public speaking, and math
B, 8:49: ok my public speaking is horrible
B, 8:49: did you see me last night
(For context, the October 2019 P-Cubed was the night before this.)
O, 8:49: You don't have to be good, just passionate
O, 8:50: And you have that
O, 8:50: You probably more passionate about P^3 than I am about anything else
O, 8:51: Don't forget that
O, 8:52: Advice #3
B, 8:52: yeah I have that passion
O, 8:52: Dress up
B, 8:52: I stayed in dress code
B, 8:52: but without the jacket
O, 8:52: Not as far as I do but a little
O, 8:53: That's good
B, 8:53: I was gonna go up and dance
B, 8:53: but then the one song I can dance to ended
(This song is the one where you slide to the left and right. Easy dance.)
O, 8:54: I can't dance tbh
O, 8:54: So you're ahead of me
B, 8:54: I'm really bad
O, 8:55: I also haven't been invited to any social event ever
B, 8:55: I probably was invited because my brother was invited
B, 8:55: but I'll never know
O, 8:55: Well that's still ahead of me